Key resources for Graduate Profile implementation

2017 saw the Business School agree new graduate profiles for each of our programmes.

The University believes that Scholars, Innovators, Leaders and Global Citizens need advanced capabilities in six particular educational areas or themes. All degrees across all disciplines will address the six themes in ways that are appropriate to the discipline of study.

The Business School has now developed embedded graduate profiles for each of its programmes so that students, staff, and employers can see the specific capabilities our students will develop.

Access the Business School graduate profile capability and progression statements here
This is where you can find the list of capabilities within each of the School’s programmes that your course will contribute to developing. Each capability is defined and unique to its programme. The progression statement describes the learning and assessment of the capability as students progress through the programme. This document will help you identify capabilities that your course can contribute to and to what scope.

Key resources for staff:

Curriculum mapping tool
This tool (matrix) is for programmes and majors to collectively map their curricula at a broad level. It will give an indication of what capabilities each course is covering and to what extent. After curriculum maps are populated, you are encouraged to discuss and address any unnecessary redundancies and/or gaps in your curricula.

The School’s new Course Outline Template
Course Outline Guide and
Graduate Profile Tables

Here, you will find the new course outline template along with a guide which provides general information on how to populate the sections of the new template. The new template focuses on raising the students’ awareness of the graduate profile capabilities your course will be developing and assessing. The graduate profile tables make it easy for you to copy/paste your programme’s capabilities into the course outline.

Guide to writing learning outcomes and mapping learning and teaching to the graduate profile
This document will take you step-by-step through the process of mapping your learning and teaching to graduate profile capabilities. It also includes brief tips for writing detailed and measurable course learning outcomes.

Holistic rubrics:
These are currently still DRAFT versions
Critical Thinking
Oral Communication
Social and Environmental Responsibility
Solution Seeking
Written Communication
These high-level rubrics provide guidance on linking and scoping course learning outcomes to the appropriate capability development level. Each capability has been defined in terms of indicators and written standards across three different levels of learning.

If you missed ILT’s Teaching Forum in April 2018, videos are available of each of the sessions dedicated to the graduate profile including excellent examples of courses in the Business School teaching to the graduate profile.


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