Develop learning and teaching strategy

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An effective learning and teaching strategy outlines:

  • what you will teach;
  • how you will teach;
  • when you will teach;
  • the resources and support you need to teach;
  • the resources and support students need to learn;
  • the resource and support available;
  • the learning activities you want students to complete;
  • the resources you want students to engage with.

The following template is useful to help you align learning activities and resources with learning outcomes and assessments. Consider the factors above when using this handout.

When you develop your learning and teaching strategy, identify the physical and technological resources required to teach and whether these resources are available. You might have to be flexible in your approach and work with resources at hand.

When you plan your teaching strategies, consider using active learning pedagogies. Active learning effectively engages students by prompting them to think critically about a topic through a range of activities that challenge and prepare them for their professional careers. Refer to Vanderbuilt University’s summary of active learning pedagogies for more information.

If you are considering a flipped learning experience, you might find this template useful to help you plan what you would like students to complete before class. A lesson plan is also very useful to identify your tasks, student activities, timing of activities and resources required to ensure your lesson runs smoothly and within the allotted time frame.

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