Key resources for Graduate Profile implementation

The University believes that Scholars, Innovators, Leaders and Global Citizens need advanced capabilities in six educational themes. All degrees across all disciplines will address the six themes in ways that are appropriate to the discipline of study.

The Business School has developed embedded graduate profiles for each of its programmes so that students, staff, and employers can see the specific capabilities our students will develop.

Key resources for staff:

First step:
Use the Guide to writing learning outcomes and mapping learning and teaching to the graduate profile to go through, step-by-step, the process of mapping your learning and teaching to graduate profile capabilities. Included are brief tips for writing detailed and measurable course learning outcomes.

Watch a brief video (3 mins) on Writing specific and detailed learning outcomes.

Second step:
Use the new Course Outline Guide (or the new GSM Course Outline Guide) to help populate your new Course Outline:
The School’s new Course Outline Template
If you teach a GSM course, please use the MBA or Business Masters branded templates:
Course Outline Template – Business Masters
Course Outline Template – MBA

Graduate Profile Tables
The graduate profile tables make it easy for you to copy/paste your programme’s capabilities into the last section of the course outline.

Holistic rubrics (including 700 level rubrics) – these are currently being reviewed and updated as we receive feedback:

These high-level rubrics provide guidance on linking and scoping course learning outcomes to the appropriate capability development level. Each capability has been defined in terms of indicators and written standards across three different levels of learning.

Curriculum mapping
The high-level matrix
This (matrix) is for programmes and departments to collectively map their curricula at a broad level. It has been used for AoL purposes.

The Course Learning Outcome Tool (CLOT)
We have developed a tool which allows you to see at a glance the learning outcomes for a selected major and selected capability. This tool allows you to get a picture of the progressive development of students as they move from 100 level courses through to 300 level courses. If you would like access to this tool please contact or ask your Head of Department or ask your Learning and Teaching Committee representative.

Graduate Profiles for all Business School programmes



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