Key resources for Graduate Profile implementation

Implementing the University’s Graduate Profile requires a holistic approach to programme and course development to ensure that the various elements in learning and teaching align. The Business School has developed embedded graduate profiles for each of its programmes so that students, staff, and employers can see the specific capabilities our students will develop. We have developed a suite of resources to support the implementation of the graduate profile.

What is the Graduate Profile?

The following table describes the Graduate Profile from the institution to course level.

Aspirations (Institution level)
  • Overarching strategic aspirations for University of Auckland graduates
  • The University gives students opportunities to develop as Scholars, Leaders, Innovators and Global Citizens
Themes (Institution level)
  • Clusters of generic capabilities which we seek to foster in all graduates in all our programmes
  • All programmes at the University of Auckland will address the six educational themes:
    • Knowledge and Practice
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication and Engagement
    • Independence and Integrity
    • Solution Seeking
    • Social and Environmental Responsibilities
Programme capabilities (Programme level)
  • Programme level learning outcomes that comprise each of the themes
  • Knowledge, skills, abilities and values that provide an embedded graduate profile – a degree specific expression of the University’s themes
Progression statements (Programme level)
  • A statement about each capability in each programme which explains to students how they will develop over the duration of their studies
Holistic rubrics (Course level)
  • Programme level rubrics showing the scope and level of learning expected at each stage in a programme


Key resources for staff

General resources
Graduate profiles for all business school programmes

Graduate Profiles for all Business School programmes

Holistic rubrics

The Holistic rubrics describe the capabilities in detail and include descriptors for 100, 200, 300 and 700 level courses.

Programme level resources

Curriculum mapping

The following template can be used at a programme and/or department level to map capabilities across a suite of courses.

Matrix to map capabilities across courses

Course learning outcome tool

We have developed a Course Learning Outcome tool which allows you to see at a glance the learning outcomes for a selected major and selected capability. This tool allows you to get a picture of the progressive development of students as they move from 100 level courses through to 300 level courses. To access the tool contact, ask your Head of Department or your Learning and Teaching Committee representative.

Individual course level resources
We have developed detailed resources to help teaching staff map their course learning outcomes to the graduate profile. See the following page for more information.

Write learning outcomes that link to the graduate profile


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