ILT Snapshots

The ILT team has worked alongside staff to innovate teaching and learning at the Business School. Here are some snapshots of what we have co-created.

Canvas Content
Course Delivery Modes

Teachers are utilising Canvas’ tools and features to make course content more inviting to explore and easier to navigate.

Here are examples of:

Advances in learning technologies have enabled teachers to deliver technology-enhanced courses in various formats.

Explore these examples of ‘blended’, ‘flipped’, and ‘online’  courses that ILT has supported.

Learning Hub Website
One Button Studio

First year students can access a wide range of resources to develop their skills on the website.

Here are examples of interactive content from the Learning Hub.

A simplified self-service video recording tool that can help teachers make short videos.

View some examples made by teachers using the One Button Studio.

Quotes about ILT

Find out about what teachers and students are saying about ILT’s services.

These testimonials come from the four major areas we support:

  • Professional development & networking
  • Developing students’ capabilities
  • Curriculum and instructional design
  • Learning and teaching technologies





Find out about who is in our team.

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