Content pages

Improving the structure of your course content in Canvas can assist with students’ user experience.

You could use the following features to make it easier for students to navigate the content:

  • tables
  • hyperlinks
  • boxes
  • icons, making it easier for students to understand or navigate the page content.


A page for a module overview

Boxes and tables can make a course or module overview clearer and faster to grasp



A page for all lecture recordings

Hyperlinks are included in a table to all course lecture recordings


A page with multiple short videos

The videos are placed in a table format to save time clicking back and forth to watch the short videos in Canvas


See the screenshots below of your colleagues’ and ILT’s work.

A content page for an online course

Distinct sections on an online content page help to highlight the embedded learning activities that the students should engage with

Contact ILT to discuss how you want to structure your course content on Canvas.


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