Reflect on summative evaluations

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Summative evaluations are usually carried out at the end of a course and generally measure the student’s learning experience overall (levels of satisfaction, engagement and provided support). Summative evaluation informs summary judgements of teachers, the appropriateness of course material, learning, teaching and assessment methods, and provides information for quality assurance and external review. The university has implemented a centralised online system, the Summative Evaluation Tool (SET) to support summative course and teaching evaluations for most formal courses. Summative evaluations can provide rich data that can be used to enhance and improve your course.

Learn from others

Watch these videos to hear about how teaching staff have used student evaluation data to improve their courses.

Associate Professor Alex Sims, Commercial Law

Andrew Eberhard,  Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Professor Darl Kolb, Graduate School of Management

Professor David Sundaram, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Debbie Alexander, Department of Accounting and Finance

Associate Professor Karen Fernandez, Department of Marketing



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