Mid-year Learning and Teaching Workshop Videos

The mid-year learning and teaching workshop is a new event, focused on sharing current international practice and scholarship in the areas of learning and teaching. It was developed partly in response to the feedback from previous participants who were keen for more frequent professional development opportunities. The workshop is currently presented by Innovative Learning and Teaching staff who are able to address issues which are relevant to the Business School and the wider University.

Session topics in July included curriculum mapping and graduate profiles, current and developing eLearning offerings, engaging with communities outside of the University, support for diverse cohorts and the benefits of learning analytics. You can view a video of each session at the links below:

Feedback from the workshop (and earlier events) has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants consistently signalling the value of being able to talk to other teaching practitioners, see what’s happening across the Faculty and receive information which can be applied within their own teaching and their departments.

Innovative Learning and Teaching welcome all staff to professional development sessions. We also welcome suggestions for what we should address and how you would like to have this material presented.



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