Teaching business ethics

Ethics is a notoriously slippery area of study. Weighty issues of what is “right” and “wrong” or “good” and “bad” need to be debated and for many students and teachers alike this is a significant challenge. In my seminar for the ILT monthly series, I presented a simple, active teaching method which allows ethical analysis to be grounded in a framework that confers clarity and meaning. The seminar was very much a practical demonstration of how groups can quickly gain traction on complex issues and extend ethical analysis to different situations and levels of complexity.

Watch the video here.


Ross McDonald is a nationally recognised teacher in ethics and social responsibility. In recent years he has advised the Royal Government of Bhutan on approaches to learning consistent with their Gross National Happiness initiative and is currently helping teachers in the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education group (PRME) as part of their programmes for building international teaching capacity in this increasingly important area.



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