Working effectively with multiple choice questions

Love them or hate them, multiple choice questions (MCQs) are still one of the most commonly used assessment formats – and they have their advantages, if used well!

In ILT’s September learning and teaching seminar, I shared insights gained from using MCQs in the assessment of and for learning, in courses ranging from 120 to 1200 students. I also illustrated how MCQs can foster higher-level learning in students, and help monitor and maintain constructive alignment in courses.

Watch the video here


Angela Tsai is a Professional Teaching Fellow in the School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. She is responsible for the laboratory teaching and academic administration of a number of MEDSCI courses. Angela completed the PGCert (Academic Practice) in 2013. Her 2015 CLeaR Fellowship project takes a multi-pronged approach toward enhancing student engagement and achievement in a large Stage 1 introductory biology course. She loves to think, act and converse on anything relating to learning and teaching and always looks forward to meeting other colleagues with the same passion. Angela is a bit of a foodie; in her spare time she likes to cook, practise her plating skills, and to eat her culinary creations.


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