Learn Do Share 2017

What:Learn Do Share 2017
When:14 September, 8.30am - 1.00pm
Where:OGGB5, Level 0, University of Auckland Business School, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

ILT is excited to host its annual half-year symposium, Learn Do Share: Canvas Plus.

This September, we’ll be looking to the future! Staff from across the University will be joining us to share how they’ve taken Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System, to the next level in blending pedagogy and technology.

In addition, Learn Do Share’s morning tea is a great chance for attendees to network and catch up with each other.

We look forward to seeing you there!

8:45amWelcomeProfessor Susan Geertshuis
9amLatest trends in CanvasDr Brigida Figueira and Chris Okey
9.30amDigital badging in CanvasDamon Ellis
10amTeaching large online courses - successes and challengesDr Barbara Daly
10.30amMorning tea
11.15amLet's talk student engagement: connecting teachers and students using learning analyticsDr Steve Leichtweis and Dr Marion Blumenstein
11.45amPractical observations on the use of student learning journalsDr Peter Smith
12.15pmCanvas tips and tricksSally Eberhard

8.30am: Registration

8.45am: Welcome
Professor Susan Geertshuis, Business School Director of Learning and Teaching

9am: Latest trends in Canvas
In July 2017 we attended InstructureCon in Colorado, USA. InstructureCon is Canvas’ annual conference attracting thousands of edtech professionals who gather to learn about up and coming trends, technology and updates to Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). During the conference, we had a chance to learn more about what Canvas is focusing on at the moment and what we can expect in the next 12 months. In this session, we will be discussing updates to Canvas and providing a preview of the next big changes that we will be seeing from the University’s LMS.

Dr Brígida Figueira completed her PhD in Geology at the University of Auckland in 2012, and she has been working at the University ever since. Although her permanent position is as a Learning Adviser in Libraries & Learning Services, she is currently seconded to Learning & Teaching as the Canvas Team Leader.

Chris Okey completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from AUT in 2015. Originally brought on to train staff in the use of Canvas, he is now a Functional Analyst in the Learning and Teaching Innovation Services team in ITS.

9.30am: Digital Badging in Canvas
There are a number of universities and other educational providers in Australasia who are currently experimenting with digital badges. Digital badging is an online system allowing collectible recognition of achievement or activity. However, is badging a creative alternative to traditional assessment, a student motivator, a streamlined e-portfolio, a gimmick… or all of the above? In this session, I will survey the uses and misuses of badges in university teaching, and demonstrate what badges might look like in a Canvas course.

Damon Ellis is a Learning Designer for the Digital Learning Team in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

10am: Teaching large online courses – successes and challenges
In 2005, Biological Science for Practice was the first University course fully taught online. Limitations in the course delivery were identified at the time by both the course coordinator and by students. Most limitations related to the learning interface, students’ lack of experience and confidence in accessing material, understanding assessments and using the communication forums. Since, the interface has vastly improved for content delivery and greater engagement is possible via live online tutorials (webinars) and improved discussion forums (Piazza). Student numbers have increased from 25 to 250 (with waiting lists). Student evaluations are now very positive and similar to those prior to online course delivery. In this session, I will share how the online course was developed along with challenges and successes.

Dr Barbara Daly is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Barbara teaches a post-graduate pathology and evidence-based course for registered nurses. Her research focuses on the community management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

10.30am: Morning tea

11.15am: Let’s talk student engagement: connecting teachers and students using learning analytics
Teachers, researchers, and higher education managers should be concerned about student engagement and achievement. Choosing not to care forsakes the opportunity and obligation to provide adequate support for students. The losses directly affect education providers by jeopardising income and reputation, society at large (loss of untapped potential), and financial hardship and psychological strain for students. In this session, we will be examining and discussing learning analytics data collected from students’ online activity. This data allows us to gain insight into students’ engagement/disengagement. Given the positive relationship between engagement and study success, educators increasingly use learning analytics to inform learning design and interventions for active learning. We will also examine the use of Nudge Theory to inform the development of personalisedemail messages for intervention.

Dr Steve Leichtweis is a lapsed physiologist and biomedical researcher with a strong interest and background in IT. His interests involve the use of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning, learning analytics, and learning environments.

Dr Marion Blumenstein is a biologist. She applies her biomedical science perspective to higher education, especially learning analytics and research skills development.

11.45am: Practical observations on the use of student learning journals
In this session I will talk around the theory and practice that underpins the use of student learning journals (together with peer review of those journals). In courses such as MGMT300, and more recently BUSINESS705, I have been using student learning journals and the peer review of learning journals as my principle method of assessing student learning. Initially recorded on paper, in 2003 I began to use a self-hosted blogging platform to allow the sharing and peer review of learning journals. Since then I have used a variety of wikis, and blogs. Most recently, I have been using PeerGrade, an add-on for Canvas.

Dr Peter Smith is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and International Business where he teaches and researches strategising. The winner of multiple University of Auckland Teaching Excellence awards, Peter is known as a thoughtful (and sometimes innovative) teacher.

12.15pm: Canvas tips and tricks
In this session, I will be sharing some helpful tips and tricks from the Canvas community as well as allowing time for attendees to share their own tips and tricks with the audience.

Sally Eberhard is a Digital Learning Specialist in Innovative Learning and Teaching. She has a wealth of experience working with staff and supporting the use of technologies in teaching. Over the past 16 years, Sally has worked in various roles within the University of Auckland around the learning management eco-system. She was most recently a Canvas Facilitator for the Business School during the Canvas Implementation Project.

12.45pm: Close



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