Course delivery modes

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A blended course combines the best aspects of online and onsite activities to enhance learning and help students to learn at their own pace.

The following screencast (1.23 mins) walks you through a blended module.



A course or module is ‘flipped’ when the typical lecture and homework elements are reversed. In a flipped scenario, students are expected to watch or read the lecture before coming to class. The in-class time will then be devoted for activities traditionally assigned as homework.

The following video (2.24 mins) is a walkthrough example of a flipped learning.



A course with a fully online delivery has all the course content and resources available 24/7 with no in-class sessions scheduled. Communication with teachers and peers and engagement with the content happen at the learner’s convenience.

The example showcased here comes from the MAIBUS project

Thinking of refreshing your course for 2019? Contact ILT to discuss innovative delivery modes for your course.


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