Audio Feedback for Large Classes

By: Brian Marsh

Feedback on assessment is a good way to address students’ misconceptions and different levels of understanding, but the tricky part is ensuring they actually engage with it. Audio feedback offers an effective way to get students’ attention as well as personalising the information about what they’ve done right and what they can improve. As part of the Learning and Teaching seminar series at the Business School, I shared my experiences of giving audio feedback to a large group of students in the Faculty of Education. I also shared the framework behind this approach and a live demonstration on Canvas. The seminar references John Hattie’s meta-analysis work in “Visible Learning for Teachers”, and Carol Dweck’s ideas about promoting a growth mindset for learners.

Stream a video of the session 


  • Dweck, C. (2012). Mindset: How you can fulfil your potential. Hachette UK: London
  • Hattie, J. (2012).Visible learning for teachers: Maximising impact on learning. Routledge: Oxford and New York

Brian Marsh works in practice-related fields in the Initial Teacher Education programmes at the Faculty of Education, including theories of motivation and engagement, cognitive development and adolescent development. His doctoral study focusses on the outcomes for students of quality relationships in their first year of study. He mostly teaches potential secondary teachers but believes audio feedback can be applicable for teaching in other Faculties. The particular course within ITE that Brian discusses here receives exceptionally high student and lecturer evaluations.


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