Effective, efficient marking with Crowdmark

By: Alex Sims

Marking can be a challenge – it’s time-consuming, done to deadline, and often involves admin that takes us away from the more enjoyable aspects of teaching and research. Crowdmark addresses these issues by allowing for efficient online marking by an individual or a group. It significantly reduces the time taken to share tests and exams between markers, collate marks and return assessment and feedback to students. It also reduces the likelihood of entering incorrect marks and allows for improved feedback.
As part of the ILT monthly seminar series, I shared some staff experiences using Crowdmark in Commercial Law to demonstrate how it works for tests and exams, including set-up. Students write their answers by hand on specially printed A4 pages, the scripts are then scanned, and all the marking, entering of marks and return of marked scripts, is done online. While Crowdmark is the not the perfect solution for all assessments, this seminar shows that it’s very good at what it does do: generating considerable time-savings and allowing students to receive richer feedback within shorter turn-around times.

Alex Sims teaches on a variety of courses at stage three, as well as a large year one course which averages 900 students per semester. Many years ago she completed the Certificate of University Learning and Teaching (now the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice), has been on the Business School’s Board of Undergraduate Studies and on the judging committee for the Business School’s Teaching Excellence Awards.

Contact: a.sims@auckland.ac.nz

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