Canvas and Excel Hacks for Personalised Engagement

You probably use Canvas and Excel as part of your regular teaching activities, but did you know they can be used to easily discover every Canvas page a student has viewed, generate section and enrolment lists for large classes, and send e-mails with personalised content and attachments? In this seminar, I talked about how Canvas “hacks” and an Excel tool I created for the Business School’s Teaching Initiatives Scheme can enable personalised student engagement opportunities.

View a video of the session


Ron Tiong is a Professional Teaching Fellow in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM). He currently teaches INFOSYS 110 and INFOSYS 220 with a team of Teaching Excellence Award winners. Ron is passionate about teaching and enjoys finding ways to use information systems to make teaching more efficient and learning more engaging. He is always keen to discuss and learn how to work smarter and teach better.


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