Higher Education Academy Workshop

Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowships are internationally recognised across the higher education sector as valid teaching accreditations. Fellowships provide a means to formally recognise and endorse the teaching experience of academic staff with no previous teaching qualification.

During a workshop session last month,  I provided an overview of the HEA and the award against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) by describing the UKPSF framework, outlining the benefits of gaining recognition and explaining the how to apply for recognition. A video of the session is available below for any staff wanting to know more about this application and accreditation process.

Stream a video of the session


Dr Tessa Owens is a Professional Teaching Fellow in Innovative Learning and Teaching at the Business School. Tessa previously held a consultancy role with the Higher Education Academy as an Accreditor/Assessor of the Fellowship Scheme.



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