Learning and Teaching Events 2017

The semester is now well underway and with it a number of ILT’s workshops, seminars, and events. However, things are only just getting started! As we hurtle towards the mid-semester break, now is a great time to highlight some of the professional development events ILT will be hosting soon and throughout 2017.

GTA Training
New Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Assistants are invited to participate in the Business School’s GTA training programme, which is a targeted series of interactive workshops for those who are new to teaching. The initial two-day programme takes place before the start of semester one and two and is followed up with specific workshops around peer observation and assessment and marking. GTA’s/TA’s who successfully complete the programme are awarded the Business School GTA/TA Teaching Certificate upon completion of the programme.

Business School induction for new academic staff
The Business School academic staff induction is designed to facilitate relationships between new staff and key teams across the Faculty. All new academics who participate in the programme are invited to quarterly events focussed upon learning and teaching practice. They are also paired with an academic mentor who supports and guides their mentee throughout their first year of teaching.

Monthly Seminar Series
ILT’s monthly seminar series launches on April 5th this year with two one-hour presentations from the Director of Innovative Learning and Teaching, Professor Susan Geertshuis. She will be running two interactive sessions asking attendees to think about what future ready graduates look like. She will also be introducing the University of Auckland Graduate Profile.

Watch out for invites to our one-hour seminars which generally take place on the last Thursday of each month.

Learning and Teaching Symposia

Our two learning and teaching half-day symposia tend to be very popular within and outside of the Business School. Both the Teaching Forum and Learn Do Share are designed to allow academics to share learning and teaching developments and successes and to foster a community of learning and teaching professionals. Our next half day event will be at the end of April. We’ll be sharing the schedule with everyone very soon with this year’s theme being around small changes to teaching can make BIG differences.

HEA Workshops
The Higher Education Academy is an internationally recognised organisation committed to promoting and furthering teaching in tertiary education. HEA Fellowships are recognised across the tertiary sector as a proxy for a university teaching qualification. Dr Tessa Owens runs these sessions. She is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and former HEA Accreditor. Tessa is happy to help staff with their Fellowship applications.

ILT events 2017

April Seminar5 AprilLearning and Teaching Seminar
Teaching Forum28 AprilHalf day Learning and Teaching symposium
GTA Reflective writing workshop18 MayGTA programme workshop
May Seminar25 MayLearning and Teaching Seminar
June Seminar14 JuneLearning and Teaching Seminar
HEA Workshop5 JulyWorkshop on HEA applications
Semester Two GTA Training18-20 JulyInitial GTA/TA workshops
July Seminar27 JullyLearning and Teaching Seminar
GTA Peer Observation Workshop1 AugustGTA programme workshop
GTA Assessment and Marking Workshop15 AugustGTA programme workshop
August Seminar31 AugustLearning and Teaching Seminar
Learn Do Share14 SeptemberHalf day Learning and Teaching symposia
September Seminar28 SeptemberLearning and Teaching Seminar
GTA Reflective Writing Workshop19 OctoberGTA programme workshop
October Seminar 26 OctoberLearning and Teaching Seminar



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