Quick and effective marking using Crowdmark

Crowdmark is a user-friendly, collaborative online grading and analytics platform. It provides fast and efficient online grading for multiple markers on a question by question basis. It can be used for both exams as well as assignments and it comes with free analytics tools. It also integrates with Canvas, allowing you to pull student lists from Canvas into Crowdmark.

Staff using Crowdmark report that it can help lower administrative overheads and reduce the chance of human error when handling marks. It also allows you to mark anywhere, anytime; allows a better overview of marking progress and allows for multiple markers. Using Crowdmark ultimately provides richer, and faster, feedback to students.

Over 15 courses ranging from stage one courses to smaller 700-level courses in the Business School used Crowdmark in 2016.

If the advantages, efficiency, and potential time savings from using Crowdmark appeal to you then feel free to contact Sally Eberhard in Innovative Learning and Teaching for more information or for help getting started.




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