Are you still with me? Tools for in class information gathering

Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge, in class, whether students are gaining an understanding of what is being taught to them. What if there was a way for teaching staff to capture real-time information from students and modify the lesson based on the live feedback being provided?

Polling allows teaching staff to gather information from students quickly and use it to test what content they’re understanding well or struggling with. It also allows for creating different types of interaction with students, both in-class and online.

However there are so many technologies out there, and so many things to consider, including features, costs and the individual needs of a particular course.

To help with the process of choosing a suitable technology, we’ve created an editable online spreadsheet that provides an overview and comparison of each of the tools available.

Please add your feedback to the spreadsheet if you have used any of the technologies mentioned, or add additional ones that are missing from the list.

Check out the polling technologies spreadsheet


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