Introducing the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio was launched and bookings were made available to all University of Auckland staff at the end of March this year. Uptake from the Business School has been considerable, and departments have been taking advantage of the different functions and recording layouts to meet their individual needs.

One of the main advantages of using the One Button Studio is that it requires minimal technical knowledge to produce videos, as the microphone and lighting are set up and ready to go. It provides an opportunity to focus on what you are presenting, rather than being concerned with the technical aspects.

Many users are finding comfort in the fact that they are already familiar with the lecture recording system. They are also familiar with the process of receiving the link to their recording via email from the Media Store.

The studio has been utilised for a diverse range of reasons including;

  • Recording lectures for students where the lecturer is unable to deliver a class in person
  • Explaining difficult concepts using the light-board
  • Interviewing specialists using camera mode
  • Introducing upcoming course content using camera and presentation mode

Some examples of use within the Business School are:

Wen Goble, Programme Adviser – Executive Education.

“Our Executive Education team recently used the One Button Studio to create a podcast highlighting the benefits of ‘Agile Fundamentals’, a new short course facilitated by Steve Briggs. The podcast has been shared via our e-newsletter, and our subscribers have been sharing the content through their social media channels. We even received registrations for the course within two weeks of launching the podcast! This is a great resource for our team to create original content for knowledge sharing and also for marketing purposes.”

Julia Fehrer, Lecturer in Digital Marketing – Graduate School of Management.

“Digital Marketing at its core is about creating engaging content. We used the One Button Studio to test different settings for delivering some digital course content such as introduction into Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. For the next delivery of the course in Quarter Four 2018, we are planning to include videos more frequently and we will produce an introductory video to promote our new ‘Strategic Digital Marketing’ course.”

Julia Crawford, Numeracy Skills Specialist – Innovative Learning and Teaching.

“I have used the One Button Studio to make short video clips of numeracy skills for the Learning Hub. The instructions on the UoA Ed Tech Hub Canvas page were easy to follow and helped me set up the lightboard. The One Button Studio is totally private so I could play around with capturing my teaching point without feeling too self-conscious.”

Helen Delaney, Senior Lecturer – Management and International Business.

“I used the studio to record an assignment information and preparation workshop for my large stage 2 course. I found the whole process very quick and easy. The students loved using the video, and I’m sure it contributed to the higher calibre of essays we received this semester. I am now thinking about how we can use the Studio to deliver other course content in order to free up class time for meaningful discussions and activities.”

Interested in using the One Button Studio? Use the University’s Web Booking System to search for room 006A in building 260. Enter a minimum room capacity of “1”.




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