Learning Hub: supporting student success in the Business School

The Learning Hub is an online, easily accessible resource created by the Academic Skills Team in the Business School. The purpose of Learning Hub is to support the development of academic skills such as critical thinking, time management, numeracy, referencing and note taking. It also includes tips on working in groups and how to give an engaging an effective presentation. These key skills support the development of soft skills sought by employers and help to develop the University’s graduate profile in our graduates.

As part of the Learning Hub development, we’ve collaborated with lecturing staff and course coordinators to create content that supports the core BCOM and BPROP courses. The learning nuggets are relevant across all core courses and directly support the skills required for learning and assessment.

In ACCTG101, Learning Hub resources have been embedded in the assessment tasks on Canvas – for example, assignment one is a written assignment which requires students to demonstrate paraphrasing and referencing skills. The assignment refers to and links through to Learning Hub’s paraphrasing resource and referencing resource to help students get these important skills right. The resources also help with students’ development towards two graduate profiles – independence and integrity and communication and engagement.

In B101 and B102, the Learning Hub has been highlighted in the Canvas course as a quick, just-in-time, accessible resource for students. In particular, the working in groups and teams resources are beneficial to students in B101 and B102.

The Business School offers its students the use of Grammarly. Comlaw101 requires strong written skills in order to argue and apply legal reasoning to different sets of facts. Grammarly is referred to in Comlaw101 as an important tool for writing assignments.

We are passionate about ensuring that students have the skills and strategies to succeed in their studies and graduate from the Business school equipped with the employability skills that the employers are looking for. We encourage lecturing staff in the Business School to contact us.




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