TEACHING FORUM 2020: Video Recordings

The Business School’s Innovative Learning and Teaching (ILT) hosted its annual Teaching Forum last 23 April 2020.

The virtual forum, conducted through Zoom meetings was attended by 121 staff across the University of Auckland.  Numerous speakers shared their ideas, solutions, and best practices on how to optimize the current remote learning experience for both students and teachers.

Big thanks to all our speakers for sharing their insights and to everyone who took the time to attend the sessions.

Below are the links to the video recording of each session.

Video Links

Session Speaker
Overview of Learning & Teaching at the Business School Dr Douglas Carrie
Wait, you want to Zoom how many people? Piazza Live Q&A for staff-student interactions in large classes Dr Kaitlin Beare
Locked down but not out: opening up the library during the emergency Melanie Johnson, Jacob Powell, Margaret Tibbles
Reimagining relationships in a virtual teaching space: guiding, connecting and empathizing Michelle Kilkolly-Proffit & Margot Bowker
Zoom in on your online teaching techniques Mary Farmer
Panel session: Assessment redesign and considerations in light of COVID-19 situation Dr Douglas Carrie, Dr Nabeel Albashiry, Andrew Eberhard, Dr Steve Leichtweis, Dr Nigel Gearing, Wen-Chen Hol


For more information please contact:
Adrian Cenon
Innovative Learning and Teaching Coordinator
Email: a.cenon@auckland.ac.nz


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